Don’t Buy a Garden Hose Before Reading This. You Won’t Believe What This New Irrigation System is Capable of…

16/07/2024 | Darren Chapman

SUMMARY: A new French made hose is sweeping Europe’s gardens and garages like a flash flood, allowing its thousands of early adopters to reach farther and save on water, space and most importantly, time and money. It might just be what we really need in a summer that is shaping up to be one of the hottest on record. You can now Get Your Colour HydroEasy 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do you hate it when you garden hose becomes entangled? Do you hate having to put it back on its rack, meter after agonizing meter? Do you wish you had a hose you wouldn’t have to replace every year because of corrosion and sun damage? Well you’re in luck, because the most advanced garden hose ever made is finally out.

It’s been a hot day. You need to water your plants. You grab your hose and… nothing. You look back to see it somehow managed to entangle in no less than 3 knots. You untangle, you tug, you pull, you manage to finally get the hose lose to water your plants when the tap bursts open as the rusty chipped away connector simply couldn’t take any more abuse. You sigh and get a bucket.

That is the fate of cheap garden hoses. And honestly even some of the “expensive” ones. And we didn’t even mentioned the length issues. Always either too short or too long. Why has no-one figured out a better solution for this yet?!

Well… the French just did…


What Is It?

They call it the Colour HydroEasy, a product of French engineering that has sought to create the most durable, compact and hassle free hose possible. And judging by the sales figures, we’d wager they succeeded.

With the high quality of the materials, the innovative stretchy design and many, many functions, Colour HydroEasy is shaping up to be the bar that all other hoses measure up to. At least the ones that aren’t made dirt cheap in China and have an expected life span of less than six months.

The Colour HydroEasy is so revolutionary that it’s easy to see why gardens, garages and many others in need of a quality hose are adopting very quickly.

Did the French do it? Did they actually manage to solve the Gordian knot that is an entangled garden hose? We got one to find out…

What Makes It Special?

So for starters, 10 functions in one hose is way more than we thought could actually fit on a hose head. Everything from strong single stream to more gentle mists, Colour HydroEasy does it all. Also sturdy, we checked.

And speaking of sturdy, the connector. It’s a standard ¾ size connector but it’s made of top grade metal that will never chip, rust or break. We couldn’t even put a scratch on it. The days of taps bursting and rusty connectors flying about are finally over.

And the main attraction, the hose itself. Watching it expand and retract with water pressure is actually fun, but that’s not what you care about. Yes. We tried to entangle it. On purpose. We had two office members put their strength together to try and tie it up, and they failed miserably. We rolled it over and off our hose holder over and over and nothing we could think of would stop the hose from sending out a constant stream of water. We were utterly amazed.

Truly the Colour HydroEasy is here to start a revolution:

Expands easily from its original 10m length to up to 30m

10 functionality hoses for anything you might need

High density latex expandable 3300D nylon polyester material. Big words for saying “It will never tangle and endure anything you throw at it, be it rain or shine.”

Extremely durable ¾ connector that won’t rust, chip or break

Fits any setting, from a cold garage in the frozen north to dry and arid deserts, it will work

Comes with a dedicated bag for easy storage and movement

Available in a range of unique color schemes

We honestly didn’t think it would live up to the hype but it actually does. No garden will be the same with one of these. Ours sure aren’t.

But now comes the best part. Garden hoses are, let’s face it, a niche product. So to make as much of a splash as possible, the French company behind the Colour HydroEasy has decided the global launch of the hose will be accompanied with a massive 50% off sale and free international shipping!

If you were wondering if now is a good time to replace your old rusty hose… it is. Colour HydroEasy passed all our quality tests with flying colors (or colours?) and we can see how it’s gotten so many devoted customers already. Get it before the sale ends!


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved Colour HydroEasy:

“I replaced 4 hoses in the span of one year. 4! I guess it’s true what they say, the poor can’t afford to buy cheap, so I got this quality hose and honestly I didn’t even look at all the stretchy and 10 in one feature stuff but was very pleasantly surprised by them.”

“I run a small carwash and I tell you, the wear and tear on your hoses adds up when you’re calculating your profits and losses at the end of the year. I switched all our hoses to this stretchy one, they are quite incredible.”

“I’m old ok. I can’t be bothered with bending down and try to make heads and tails of where the knot starts and where it ends. I just want to water my plants. Thank god my son got me one of these, it has made my life so much easier.”


How Much Does the Colour HydroEasy Cost?

The best part is that the French launch was so successful, the creators decided to make a big splash with the global launch, giving away a product that would normally cost you €119.9 at a massive 50% discount and with free international shipping (Now just €59). 

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Conclusion: Should You Get Colour HydroEasy

Do you really want to keep tripping over that old long hose you can’t be bothered to untangle? Yes. 100%. Colour HydroEasy is a must have for any garden, any yard, any garage and any other place that might need a top quality hose. The sheer quality and the amazing price you get it at is worth it any day of the week. Throw away that old rusty one you have and get yourself a Colour HydroEasy. You won’t regret it. As long as you do it while it’s on sale!


  • No tangle no hassle
  • Expands up to 3 times its length!
  • Compact and easily stored or moved
  • Top quality latex
  • 10 function hose head


  • Only Available From The Supplier’s Website


How to Get the Colour HydroEasy?

Now that you know you don’t have to struggle to water your plants or wash your car, you must be itching to get one of these for yourself, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original Colour HydroEasy from the official website here.
  2. Slap it on your tap, turn it on and never have to worry about knots and corrosion ever again.

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